March-April 2020 issue #129



If you’ve searched the internet for LGBTQ parenting information, a good chance you came across a website called Mombian. A combination of mom and lesbian, Dana Rudolph the website creator is both. Rudolph, a tireless advocate for LGBTQ family rights and a recipient of a GLAAD Media Award, is this issue’s cover story.

Imagine your surrogate living in another country gives birth to your child. When you apply for U.S. citizenship for your child the government says no. Children born abroad to married different-sex parents who are U.S. citizens are routinely recognized as U.S. citizens, but the State Department is deliberately miss-applying federal statutes to deny similar treatment to the marital children of same-sex couples. In this issue are two families hoping Lambda Legal can assist them in being recognized as a family.

Other family stories in this issue include Christopher Katis and Ann Travers. Utah based Christopher Katis writes, “Like a lot of gay men, I was never what you’d call a 'kid person.' ...My husband, Kelly, and I used to laughingly refer to children as Little Life Suckers… So, imagine my surprise when, after more than a dozen years together, Kelly came out to me as a gay man, who wanted to be a father.”

Identifying as gender non-conforming, Ann Travers is the author of The Trans Generation, How Trans kids (and Their Parents) Are Creating a Gender Revolution. In addition to The Trans Generation, Travers, among other projects, is working on a project to build a video game that depicts the life experiences of transgender kids.

More parents in the US are choosing to raise gender neutral babies, often called “theybies”- neither boys nor girls. It’s important to understand their reasoning and how to support them. Midwife Marea Goodman suggests 5 ways to show up for “theybies” and their parents.

Considering family building through assisted reproduction for a biological child? Our 21st annual issue includes a directory of LGBTQ friendly assisted reproduction companies to help build your family.

This issue also includes our 21st annual LGBTQ friendly summer camps and programs resource directory (also featured in our January-February issue). Find a directory listing of overnight camps, day camps, and summer programs located in CA, CT, ID, MA, MI, NJ, NM, NY, PA, and VT. Included in this list are private school summer programs and preschools located in CA, DC, MD, MA, NJ, NY, PA, and TX. Looking for a summer camp or program for your child? This is the issue for you.

Editorial contributors to this issue include Deadra Albrecht-Frasch and Gary Hurtubise.

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